Thursday, August 31, 2006

Hubby is home :)

Hubby is home for the long weekend.

He had some good flight mojo and came in earlier than planned. Now he's napping in our bed, probably with a cat or two.

Tonight we'll go shopping and to dinner. Tomorrow night Brain will come over for dinner. During the day tomorrow I'll probably talk him into going to the BN state fair. They have the best cheese curds EVER -- and I hear they have deep-fried chocolate chip cookies... wow. They said on the radio today that the llamas would be there, and I LOVE llamas.... so we'll go for a while and then come home for a shower and a nap.

We both have work to do this weekend. I have prep, grading and papers to write. He has lectures to work on and some dissertation things to do. It is nice that we'll do them together.


Rhonda said...

As a new resident of this northern state, I have to ask, what are these cheese curds I keep hearing about?

New Kid on the Hallway said...

Ah, cheese curds.... the first few are so delicious, and by the time you finish the serving, you think you're going to die...yet you keep eating them...

Have a great weekend!

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

You are right about the wanting to die part... this year I'm going to try to only eat half and then throw them away... not that I don't want to eat them all for health reasons -- but that they take up a lot of room that could be used for something like a deep-fried chocolate chip cookie or hotdish on a stick.

I'll do a food report from the fair... since hubby is with me, perhaps we'll have some photos.