Sunday, August 06, 2006

Commuter hermit crabs...

I kind of feel like hubby and I are hermit crabs..... in that hermit crabs move into other animal's shells and live in them for a while. I'm the commuter hermit crab, because I come and go from the (shared... not perfect analogy, so sue me) shell, while hubby spends most of his time there.

I'm going to have to come up with a name for the homeowners... because I have a feeling they'll be part of my thoughts and thus part of my blog until June.

Let me tell you a little about the current situation -- maybe a nickname will come...

Hubby's job is to fill-in for Dr. Homeowner at hubby's undergrad school. Hubby was Dr. H's prize student, because hubby is good that way -- really good. Dr. H and Mrs. H are going to a country far away so Dr. H can be a consultant.... because Dr. H is savy in many ways that, it seems, foreign governments are willing to pay for. Dr. H needed someone, and not just anyone, to cover his classes... enter hubby.

After a long set of negotiations, hubby and the department came up with a deal -- the deal making part of it was housesitting for Dr. and Mrs. H. They own a nice, 80s style house in a great neighborhood here in Red State. They designed it themselves and really love their place. Of course, hubby being a housesitter they can trust is ideal.

Yesterday Dr. and Mrs. H had a party for their friends and relatives -- to say goodbye. We met the neighbors, had a really good time (perhaps too much wine punch... :) ) and got a bunch of odd looks -- looks that said, 'oh -- so you're the ones....' Once they started to talk to us, they saw that we weren't exactly the types to come in and start throwing wild parties that would clog up the streets and force them to call the cops -- (we're in our late 30s -- a wild party is playing clue with a Mike's hard lemonade...).

Today we will return the trailer, having unloaded it all into Dr. and Mrs. H's livingroom -- they leave on Tuesday and we'll get settled then... we'll also spend some time with Dr. and Mrs. H -- more to make them comfortable with us living in their home than anything.

I'm kind of hoping to get some work done betwen now and then, but I'm a bit doubtful of that until they get on the plane on Tuesday --

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