Friday, August 18, 2006

One more duty day...

We have one more duty day to go... and I'm going to give myself permission to skip all but what is required.... ha. I justify that permission by telling myself the stuff I'm skipping would, if I attended, ruin the innovation inspired yesterday like a cold shower ruins the hot and bothered.

This morning I'm skipping the union meeting. I find them tedious and since I'm paying my dues I should expect them to stand up for me if necessary -- I don't have to go see them posture (this is my leas-favorite aspect of BNCC... sigh, but it does get me my most favorite paycheck, ever!!).

I have to go to the club advisor's lunch -- but, since Dog Dad is an unofficial advisor to an unofficial but very functional club, he'll come with me and it will be ok.

I don't have to go to whatever they have planned in the afternoon -- so I'm not going. I may even sneak out early and go to a movie or something (honey, you didn't read the last part --- and it would be a movie you wouldn't want to go to anyway...).

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