Sunday, November 14, 2010

A new blog... and a link that works..

So, FB and I decided to start a blog... leftyconcarne

We're going to talk about food, life, politics and whatever comes into our twisted little minds as we navigate life, love and the internet.

Come give us some love -- or, at least put us in your reader... please.

bonus --we refer to one another by our first names -- so, you can figure out that much :).

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A quick update...

  • Classes are going well -- my logic students are kicking butt -- and my ethics students are humming along just fine.
  • Today we talk about stripping in ethics -- always fun.
  • I've lost 54 lbs since June -- exercise and eating less... the boring way..
  • I've joined the gym FB and I go most days. I alternate treadmill and weights -- and am feeling stronger all the time.
  • Hubby's doing well in law school, as expected.
  • Super-Mom's in Flordia for the winter -- although, we haven't really had winter here yet :).
  • The Queen and the Minion are having a complex relationship lately -- lots of spats and lots of cuddles...
  • The hardbound copies of my dissertation arrived -- it's really, really official -- I'm Dr. ItPF... amazing.