Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Old Friends and new hair...

Today was all about me.... I got a new haircut and color in the morning from the best hairdresser in the world --- or at least one of the top 20 or so... really. She's a longtime pal and was very happy to hear that I'd be back on her client list due to hubby's job in Red State. I also got a pedicure and some miscelaneous waxing in the afternoon.

After dinner another old pal -- First Surrogate daughter, for lack of a better name, came over for a chat. She's now a law student -- after finishing an MA in another discipline. She's bright and quite sarcastic -- so a good time was had by all. I've missed both her and my hairstylist friend a lot, so being in Red State often enough to see them is a good thing. I'm starting to wonder if my visits will actually contain time for hubby--- I think I can work him in :).

Also ---- the grapevine tells me that the number of openings in Red State in my field is growing. I have to admit that is a huge motivator for me to get my stuff done. By the time I'll have to submit my apps, hubby will know about longer-term prospects down here. If I can manage to land one of those jobs, things will be nice! The last few days I've come to remember what I liked about living here -- and with both of our salaries in this cost of living, we should be able to manage pretty well.

Tomorrow will be another work day, as I have to get some stuff together for my meeting with Supervisor on Thursday. Hubby will start class prep tomorrow -- so by evening, we'll be ready for some good pub food -- and I know just where to go downtown to get it :) --- Thursday will be the best Indian food in the world... and Friday we go to Ames for family stuff.

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