Friday, August 18, 2006

on how I can fly without fluids...

When I was last in Red State I laid in a supply of all the basic bathroom items, so I could literally walk on the plane with nothing and be right at home in Red State. Since I didn't duplicate make-up I'll be bare faced, but I'll smell good and my hair won't be freaky -- I also left some clothes down there so (much to hubby's dismay) I won't have to be naked while doing my laundry. I really, really, really don't need to wear a gel bra -- so no worries on that front either :).

What is kind of freaking me out is the fact that I bought my Red State supplies a few days before the TSA figured out that someone could mix some hair gel and lip gloss to make a bomb. You'd think I knew what was going on... hmmm.

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T-Mac said...

The TSA must have known you were flying with liquid death in your carry-on. :-)