Sunday, August 13, 2006

Tips for the Iowa State Fair...

Take the shuttle to the remote parking lot. it will seem like you are way out in the boonies, but the bus driver knows where he's going.

See the butter cow (yes, a full-sized cow sculpted in butter) -- but don't stand in line to do so. If you walk down, you'll be able to see most of it around the heads of the people who stood in line.

Eat fried chees on a stick, and don't feel guilty about it.

Go to all the barns, especially the pig barn with the "largest boar" -- almost 1200 lbs this year. The thing has HUGE balls -- it is sick, but you need to see it.

Outside the sheep barn there is a stand selling lamb tacos. Don't miss the irony of that.

Pet the horses, listen to the rooster crow. Look at the prize winning apples and 4H projects. It is weird and fun -- all at the same time.

Make sure you get grilled corn, even though it costs $3.00 and you can make it at home for much less. It is worth the money.

And -- trust me, the Minnesota State Fair is better -- sorry.

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Windjammer said...

You forgot to see the Super Bull? At 3,090 pounds, how could you miss it?

Twenty-two members of the Minnesota State Fair team spent several days in Des Moines this year studying the way the fair operates. I can't compare MN's state fair to ours as I haven't gone to MN's but according to the news:
Thousands of people are attending the Iowa State Fair, but attendance has dropped sharply at other state fairs in the country.

We must be doing something right to attract record breaking crowds.