Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Reading for Pleasure Wednesday -- "Stupid and Contagious"

Since I can't sleep and in about 50 minutes it will be Wednesday.... I'll write this now instead of later.

"Stupid and Contagious" by Caprice Crane was a lot of fun... a light romance told in 'he-said', 'she-said' alternating chapters. The characters are amusing and funny, if not particularly deep. There is a bit of tension when they meet and when it looks like she'll end up with someone else. There is also a dog and a few human side-kicks to keep things moving.

This was a nice bit of brain bubble gum and would have been a lot more entertaining if I were into indie rock -- so, if you're someone who is into that kind of music, grab it at Borders --- I found it on the "3 for the price of 2" sale. Sadly, many of the pop culture references were kind of lost on me -- that's what happens when you get married in 1990 to someone who loves the music of the 80s.... sigh.

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