Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Reading for Pleasure Wednesday -- "Family Baggage"

"Family Baggage" by Monica McInrney is a fun book about a family run travel agency in Australia. The agency specializes in TV theme tours and the story begins when a member of the family failing to meet a tour in England. From there, some people find out the truth about the family and others fall in love.

This is a fun book, certainly not an intellectual challenge or a great novel, but a nicely engaging look at a family who cares about one another. Like most books it has its slow points and unrealistic aspects... One of the unrealistic bits is how the family flies so easily -- given the state of airtravel now, casually hopping on flights here and there without thoughts about luggage, airport secruity and the like.

If you see it at Border's on the 'buy two get one free' sale, get it -- but don't pay full price :).

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