Thursday, August 03, 2006

Project Runway... spoiler alert!

Dear Project Runway Designers,

I've been watching the show, and I have some words of advise...

Bradley, it isn't the case that your project leader didn't like you because of your beard. Shaving all but your moustache will only make you look more freaky and less reliable. She was worried about you because you are a complete space-case... are you on something, or is that just the way you are? She saw you last challenge nearly not have an outfit to put on your model. Up until the last minute all you had was a pile of fabric and a confused look on your face. She didn't want her outfit to be sunk because you couldn't finish the pants on time.

Keith, dude -- you knew what you were doing was cheating, why do it? Your designs were beautiful, you didn't need the books. It was really sad to see your insecurities be your downfall. Don't be pissy with Kane because he saw the contraband and told on you.

Angela, you are f-ing lucky. Laura and the guy (dont' recall his name... sorry) saved your butt.... your last design was really terrible and you should have gone home instead of Katherine.

Kayne, you remind me of a debate coach pal of mine, so I'm cheeering for you.

Katherine, I thought your dress was really nice. You should see the pattern on reality TV, they don't like the people who are actually nice and don't cause trouble. Think about the way Angela stirs stuff up.... a nice girl from Minnesota has to be a real bitch to make it -- sorry.... you were just too nice.

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