Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Details... people... details -- one more time...

My phone number situation isn't any better -- of course.

It also seems that my Spring 07 schedule request got lost. In a way, it worked to my advantage... but, it still infuriates me.

Last March I missed 4 days of classes to take the debate team to two national tournaments... and, of course, that is when they decided to send around the first draft of the schedule. Since we are a small department, it wasn't a huge deal that I'd miss the entire period the schedule was out -- mostly because the person below me in seniority is very flexible and fair... so, when I got back I picked my classes, had him pick a new one to supplement for one I'd taken from him, and sent my request to my Dean's office.

(where it must have been lost... )

Then, AFTER finals week, we had about a week to proof the 2nd draft of the schedule. Of course, that week was when I was in Colorado.... and I was never left a copy of the schedule... of course, since my Dean's assistant is very good, I trusted that my changes would be on the schedule and all was find.

It wasn't... my Spring 07 schedule is the same as my Spring 06 schedule. I found this out last week.

When they gave us from Thursday afternoon to Monday at NOON to make any final changes.

Of course, it was pretty much too late -- so I got stuck with what I didn't want to teach. Of course, my chair didn't seem to give a crap -- and since the schedule print date was earlier last week -- she's probably been the source of delays all along... and it never happened like this with other chairs... and nobody else has changed.

It means I'll have a total of 6 preps this year. The good news about that is that entitles me to an extra credit -- which, along with the way they count the debate class and my debate release time, allows me to teach only TWO philosophy classes in the spring.

I'd feel bad about this, but the fact of the matter is that I didn't engineer this and I wouldn't have the extra credit if they hadn't messed up the schedule in the first place. When the nosy nellies come to my Dean to complain about my schedule, she'll have to explain the fact that I didn't want to teach intro to Philosophy next semester-- and that the fact that her office messed up allowed me to reach my contractual number of credits while teaching those classes.


T-Mac said...

Sounds like it didn't work out too badly for you, although it'll suck for a while.

Arbitrista (formerly Publius) said...

It drives me crazy when administrators screw up and pass the consequences on to their subordinates. Grrr.

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

If I'm going to teach 6 philosophy classes this year, I'd rather they be split 3/3 -- of course, that would have required actual planning on the part of my administration. Now that I know this is the way it works, I'll play the system next year :).

Oh well, they've been good in other areas -- it just irks me because one of the few perks of my position (along with my own office) is being able to choose what I teach and when.