Friday, August 25, 2006

Friends in flight

I have the most amazing conversations with people when I fly alone.... especially when there is drama in the system. I'd like to remember these people, and send my thanks into the internets for their interactions with me yesterday... I hope you all made it to where you were going....

They go pretty much in this order:
Girl from Brazille: I admire you for being so adventuresome to go all the way to BN state on your own. Asking a complete stranger for advise on what to do when your flight is messed up is, to us, a brave act. I'm glad your trip was planned to have plenty of time in DC to make your connection, because you'll need it -- and I could see in your face you really wanted to be home. Going out is good, coming home is often even better. I wish you good luck -- because as I write you should still be in the air.

To Retired Computer guy: Thanks for the amazing conversation about teaching. I love the fact that you said your most influential classes were the logic class I teach and the political science classes hubby teaches. I also admire the fact that, in your soul, you are a researcher. You dig back, tracing the intellectual roots of ideas and read the stuff cited in books. Talking to you was fun and informative. I hope that when I get to be your age I can also have your sunny attitude and inquisitive nature. When I get my dissertation finished, if I've included your idea about a duty to have an end-point for the war... or a definition of 'success', I'll have to credit you somehow -- but I don't know your name....

To the NJ nursing student trying to get to Edmonton: Canada will still be there when you get there! Have fun with your friends and I hope you have a safe flight. I'm sad I only got to sit with you a few minutes -- your friends are lucky to have you come all that way to see them. Have a great weekend!

To the healthcare exec from Red State: I hope you run your company with as much care and thought as you put into our short conversation about philosophy. Your perceptions of people are pretty amazing and your work in Africa sounds as if it is a morally good thing, even if it is difficult to overcome cultural challenges. Keep talking to the ethicists at your hospitals. They'll keep you inspired to help those who need it. If my specialty was health care ethics, I'd have asked for your business card -- you are someone I would be happy to work for. I was glad to see you get stand-by on my flight into Red State. I'm sure your family missed you and was delighted to have you back.

To the woman from Alaska: It is very sweet that you came all the way from Alaska to Red State to see your mom. Even if she seems like she doesnt' appreciate it, I'm sure she does deep in her heart. Going shopping to buy a new purse and carry-on bag is a great idea -- kind of like listening to your own husband when he told you the only things you can carry on have to be in a plastic zip-lock bag wasn't such a good idea. Did he think you were going to London? Welcome to Red State, I hope you enjoy your time here.

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Andrea said...

This is a really sweet post. It's nice to be able to recognize that there are so many terrific people out there just going about their lives, loving their families, and getting stuck in airports :)