Saturday, August 05, 2006

Not so bad...

Today wasn't great, but it wasn't too bad either.

We got up pretty early, finished loading the Jeep and hit the road. 6 hours later we were checked into the Hampton Inn in Red State and on the internet --- then we went to Target for some clothes for hubby, who didn't figure out that if he packed all his clothes but wouldn't have access to them for a couple of days, that he'd still need stuff for the next two days.... sigh.

Then we went to a party given by the people hubby is housesitting for here in Red State. Generally, the party was a good time... the homeowners had good friends, neighbors, co-workers and family down to say goodbye. They head out of the country on Tuesday and won't be back until June.

After the rest of the party went home, we unloaded the trailer into the livingroom. With the help of the homeowners and their family, it was a fast process. Tomorrow we'll go over for a chat -- and probably on Monday as well. The chats will make Mrs.homeowner feel better about leaving things in hubby's hands... a small price to pay for a no-rent place for hubby to stay while he's here.

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