Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Idiots in my building

I'm going to have an irregular series of reports about the dorks in our apartment building.

For example, the dork that drives a huge pick-up truck and parks next to my spot in the garage is the topic of today's report.

Over the weekend he hit the wall of the garage hard enough to cause a crack from floor to ceiling and to knock down some of the cement ceiling tiles above his space... on my side. Why he was in such a hurry is a mystery to me. I suspect that he was backing-up when he did it, as he's one of the ones that backs into their parking space.

I found this out when I had a short chat with the guy building the wall they put up to reinforce the ceiling. The way our building works, that will be a permanent feature.

I hope they revoke his parking spot.

Thank goodness I took hubby's parking spot, so my car has a safe place to live on the other end of the garage.

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