Monday, August 28, 2006


I decided that I have two homes -- one here and one in Red State. I don't see the one in Red State very often, but it is still one of my homes. Until it comes time to pack up and leave, it works pretty well.

To call hubby from BN state I don't have to dial an area code. His cell phone is a local call.

I find myself putting on Law and Order X (Elevator Inspection Unit, Traffic Enforcement Unit, Toll Booth Cops... whatever) just so it sounds like hubby is around. He admitted that he's put on home shows to do the same.

As I sit in the livingroom, I can pretend he's at his desk just around the corner.

When we chat in the morning as hubby is on the way to school, I can pretend he's driving to school in BN state, not Red State.

It is harder to pretend at night and on the weekends... but if I work in the DC I can pretend he's working elsewhere.

Hubby will be home on Thursday for the long holiday weekend -- the cats miss him, the blind one thinks it is some bizarre game of blind-cat's bluff, and hubby misses his own bed.

When he's here, we'll pretend he's least until Monday evening.

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New Kid on the Hallway said...

Oh, I know how this feels - I keep putting off going to bed at night, because until then I can pretend that LDH is just asleep in the bedroom (he always goes to bed earlier than I do).