Thursday, August 10, 2006

Last day in Nebraska, for a while...

I had a meeting with Supervisor today --- it has been a while since we met, and quite a while since we talked philosophy... like, when I took his class before we moved. It was nice to see him face to face, some things just don't go well in e-mail. I'm going to make a point of getting an appointment with him every visit when we'll both be in town (next planned visit to Red State he'll be at a conference... boo).

After a long, rambling, but oddly satisfying discussion hubby and I went over to see Bex and Rex in their new place. They moved down the same weekend as hubby -- so they were in some chaos, but it will be a cute place for them to live while she's in grad school. I think it is kind of odd that she and I will have graduate degrees from the same place, although in different disciplines. It is also kind of neat -- but neither of us is from Red State and we'll be tied to them forever -- hmmm.

We made Bex and her mom take a break from unpacking and come out to dinner with us for my favorite Indian food -- EVER. It was good, I have leftovers for breakfast!

As we were going around grad-town, we had to make a few jackass moves in the car. Hubby's theory is that our out of state plates will buy us some sympathy.... and I realized he's right, they don't know there are three degrees from this state in the car.

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