Sunday, September 26, 2010

Breast Cancer -- breast forms!!

I intentionally have a kind of odd title for this post, because I want it to pop up in serch engines..

For quite a while, I resisted getting a real breast form -- I used the cotton filled ones, they looked terrible, but that's just what I did.

One of the reasons I resisted was because the one place I knew to get a "real" one was a kind of weird place, with a pushy salesperson who insisted on putting me in an icky bra first.

It was only last month that I decided to walk in there and stand firm about wearing my own bra --- and now I have a decent breast form... it looks kinda like the real one... which is great.

That isn't the point of the post -- the point is to let folks know about how amazing Nordstroms is...

I went in for a new bra. I hadn't been properly measured etc... and I knew they were the best at it.

I walked in and immediately a sales person took charge -- measured, brought me bras, helped me sort out the breast form and did it all with such a good sense of humor and professionalism that I was completely comfortable.

What's really amazing is that, if you have a prescription for a breast form and/or bras (which mastectomy patients can easily get...), they'll submit all of it to your insurance. My insurance covers a swim form, a regular form and three bras per year -- you bet I'm going to do it...

So -- for the record -- Nordstrom's is the place you should go if you've had a mastectomy or lumpectomy and need some special help to look "normal".... I'm sure that I would have avoided two years of being uneven, had I been able to go someplace as fantastic as that -- I'll even forgive them for being at the Mall of America...

Thursday, September 23, 2010


We're about a month into the fall semester, and it still seems kind of odd..

I'm just not accustomed to having nothing ELSE to do -- work, home stuff, hang with FB -- but, no dissertation chapters to write, revise, send to Dr. Advisor -- while that is more of a relief than anything, it's also kid of odd.

Sure, I'm also department chair, but those activities were part of my non-Dr. ItPF status -- so, they don't feel extra now. For quite a while there I was teaching, dissertating and coaching debate. I quit the debate three years ago, and applied that time to the dissertation.

Now -- the dissertation is defended... I don't have to work on it -- I don't have to write chapters so my students can read them-- they're done.

My classes are on auto-pilot -- in the good way. I'm happy with them and I see no need to reinvent them. I like my assignments, the pacing of the classes and the way the students respond. So, I have no new class prep.

I promised myself that I wouldn't change books until I was Dr. ItPF - and, I didn't... now, I have the same old books... so, again, no new class prep. The thing is -- I'm kind of sure the books I have are the best ones out there... so, again, no need to change.

So -- I find myself with time on my hands -- on a regular basis... it's kinda weird. The way my on-line grading is set up, I can often get it finished on Friday or Monday between classes.... or, in a semi-concentrated span on Monday nights--- or, casually over the weekend.

I suppose things will be a bit different when my logic students start taking proof quizzes... but, I'm also very quick at grading them -- and, really -- it isn't all that challenging.

So -- the question is what's going to be my new thing -- my new challenge -- the thing that replaces the dissertation and debate coaching in my life...

FB had an interesting suggestion -- maybe I need to learn to just be -- to not be so busy. To take time to simply relax, read, enjoy just living and not be so concerned with being occupied ALL THE TIME. Hmmmm.... that's kind of hard -- given my background.

The thing is, since I was 17, I worked and went to school. I took about 3 years off in Denver/Omaha -- in the middle of my BA -- but, since my junior year in HS, I've been working and schooling. The work and the schools have changed -- but, the combo has been a fact of my life for 24 years. That's a whole adult -- a fully-functional college educated adult's life --- I've been working and schooling.

For three of the last 5 years there was a long-distance marriage -- so, there was working, schooling and driving to Omaha... last year, the dissertation got more intense, but they hubby came home -- so, it balanced out.

Now -- Hubby is really wrapped up in his 2L year -- and I'm much less busy. I think I like it... and I'm seriously considering FB's "just be" suggestion -- but, it's hard --

hmmmm.... maybe that IS my new "project"... because it is hard, it's a challenge -- and once I accomplish it, I can go on to other challenges...

or, does that kinda miss the point?

FB -- if you're reading -- log in and comment please... the rest of you too...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I should be clear... about FB

... because, in a previous post about FB, I was kind of ambiguous.. and I've been thinking about this a lot lately..

If FB and I were a romantic/financial unit -- I'd trust him to manage our money. From what I can see, he's actually quite good with what he has -- I'd just make the assumption that I'd pay all the bills... which would be fine for me.

The thing is, money isn't all that important to FB, which is something I really like about him. He's interested in being able to pay his bills, not buy a huge house in the suburbs -- and impress his neighbors. That's quite appealing. He also knows how to have fun without spending a wad of cash -- which is something I appreciate.

The other really nice thing about FB is that he is quite sensitive to others -- and looks for ways to be helpful / supportive to his friends. Tonight we had a good talk about my post-dissertation life -- and, as usual, he was perceptive and correct... that's why I hang out with him.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

yea -- it's me --so what?

Hey -- you... the person who printed out some of my blog posts and left them in my BNCC mailbox.

Yea -- that's me, so what? Lots of folks have already found it -- and don't care.

I know folks from BNCC read the blog --- and have for years. Frankly, I doubt they read anymore because it's actually a pretty boring and self-serving blog... but, it's mine and that's the way I am sometimes.

I don't know what the point of printing the stuff and leaving it in my box actually IS... because, you see, you didn't leave a note, sign it or anything. Just a pile of printouts from my little blog.

Read back a while, I broke the code kind of -- I have all kinds of identifying photos and other stuff on my blog. I was NEVER trying to hide from BNCC folks. All I wanted to do was to make sure that a) a stranger googling me wouldn't find it and b) my dissertation committee wouldn't get upset and deny me the Ph.D. (like they would -- they're cool, but I didn't know that when I started..).

Further, my hubby, FB, friends, relatives and mom read it -- although, again, I'm not sure why.... so, if you're trying to tell me that you know -- at least be an adult and sign the printouts.

ps... the printouts just went in the recycling.. and I'm done thinking about it. If you have something to say, you clearly know where I am.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hope for "normal"

Tomorrow I have another check-up with my oncologist.

So far all of my PET scans have been "normal"... and, I hope tomorrow is no exception.

I'm trying really hard to hang onto my own advice of not being worried about medical test results I don't have yet...

I'll let you know how things turn out...

Thursday, September 09, 2010

An unusual situation...

...or, as FB's mother called it, an "awkward" situation... which is what my friendship with FB seems to be from the outside.... as a reminder, FB stands for Fake-Boyfriend -- (or, I suppose Facebook Boyfriend -- because we reconnected via facebook)... not F'ck buddy...

From the outside, it seems odd that a happily married ItPF and a single and straight FB would be very good friends. The kind of friends who communicate every day-- usually via exchange of texts -- who do routine errands together (going to Costco with FB is pretty fun!!), and who support one another in awkward or emotional family situations... FB and I generally travel well together in the car -- and Hubby doesn't have the time to do that stuff..

The thing is, the IfPF/FB thing works -- for us.

Hubby is seemingly what makes this awkward --- from the outside. Oddly enough, this week circumstances made it look as if FB were upset with me for something (he was just napping... for a long, long time -- thus, not responding to texts...) -- and Hubby was pretty concerned that I'd lose FB as my friend... and his.

The thing is, it's impossible to know how the FB situation would have happened -- or IF it would have happened, if I were single. Would we be such close friends with the potential for nookie looming out there? Would we be such close friends if one of us wanted nookie but the other wasn't interested? Would we be great friends who also have sex? It's impossible to know -- I know that FB and I are compatible in many ways that make for a great relationship -- but, incompatible in ways that make for a great marriage... We have very similar values, hopes and expectations of our partners -- but, very different acceptances of financial risk and acceptable spending patterns.

Maybe our friendship is exactly what it is because our compatibilities match and our differences aren't an issue... I don't have to worry that he won't be able to pay the cable bill -- and he doesn't have to be concerned that I'd easily spend $100 on a red leather bag --of which I seem to have a plethora... or $25 on a pedi -- and $75 on a wax...

In the end, there are only four people who really need to be concerned about the ItPF/FB relationship -- The two of us, Hubby and FB's son (with whom I get along with famously..). Those are the people directly impacted by our friendship -- who could be hurt by it if they didn't understand it -- and who see us individually and together on a regular basis... and anybody else who isn't directly concerned can suck it!! :).

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

That good kind of tired...

It's near the end (for me, anyway) of week 3.

Students are digging into the material, getting some grades back and asking good questions.

They're getting more demanding -- but, in a good way.

The clueless ones are starting to figure out that others have clues and they need them too.

Class is becoming more of a cooperative venture -- and each class is taking on its own charachteristics... until now, they were all the same... one blurr of unfamiliar faces... but, now they've got some personality...

Wednesday is a big teaching day for me -- but, not impossible. Tonight, I'm happy that Hubby has an evening class and that FB has guitar students -- because I need a little quiet and will be decompressed by the time hubby gets home and/or FB starts the texting ritual.

In the meantime, I have a good playlist going, a pizza on the way (EXACTLY as Ilike it) and some student administrivia to deal with... while the Minion flips out... good thing he has energy because I sure don't..

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Getting stuffy....

A paraphrased student e-mail, with the real salutation...


I can't be bothered to stay for the whole semester and my friends found a great deal on a trip to Mexico -- where we can drink and get pot easily... so, is there any way to take the final early?

No -- you f'ck nuckloe.. unless you can prove it's an excused absence.... and good luck with that...

Ummm... I'm Dr. ItPF -- or , I'm I -- or even Dr. I, but "hey"... a bit too familiar... just because I use humor in class doesn't mean that I want to be your buddy, facebook friend or confidant. I'm here to teach you s'it... not be your pal.