Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A vacation in review....

Overall, we had a lovely time. The weather was nice, the lake was amazing and different every day, and the potter was cool as hell -- like usual.

Things we probably won't do again...
  • Stay at the Suites hotel in Duluth. It was overpriced and under comfortable. It was full of people wanting to party and families with zillions of kids. It was also pretty expensive, even after the 'I have cancer, feel sorry for me' discount. Not impressed -- at all.
  • The harbor tour -- it was great and all, but once you've seen it, you've seen it.
  • We are unlikely to even return to Duluth over a weekend -- too many people from the cities, other obnoxious people and -- this time of year -- Fins... It was "Fin-Fest" -- so, that translated into many dour old women from across the country who are proud enough of being Finnish to come to Duluth. No thanks... We'll give Duluth a try in the winter when things are snowy and the lake is starting to freeze...
  • Sven and Ole's pizza -- I know it is a tradition, but it is f-ing overrated pizza. We have about a zillion good pizza places at home and Grand Marais has lots of actually good restaurants. Fighting the crowds at Sven and Ole's for soggy and bland pizza just isn't worth the hassle.
Things we'll do again...
  • Stay at the second hotel. Much less expensive, much more comfortable -- with an amazing view of the lake, really nice employees and owner and the best non-office workspace I've found on the road. If you are ever headed up the North Shore of Lake Superior -- let me know and I'll give you the details.
  • Go to the Potter -- although, we might stop at his store in Thunder Bay first -- going to the actual home/studio is worth the trip, if only to refresh my images of my fantasy home...
  • Go back to Hell's Kitchen -- and the old steakhouse in Duluth. Both were excellent meals.... We'll also probably go back to the weird bakery in Tofte, now that we have an idea about how they do things... sigh.
  • Walk on Duluth's lakewalk... and explore Minnesota Point (where we'll live if we end up moving to Duluth... very cool, funky neighborhood).
  • Pick up rocks for my bra along Lake Superior.... (a post will follow soon about rocks in my bra..).
  • Go to the World's Best Donuts -- because, seriously, they are THE BEST... I kid you not.
  • Go to Drury Lane Books... because I always find something good to read there.

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