Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The mysteries of New Kitty

1) What is she hunting? This question gets asked several times per day. The answer is almost always 'nothing'.

2) What does she have against THE DOT!? The laser pointer sends her into a frenzy.

3) Does she really see herself in the bathroom mirror? She seems to be admiring herself in the mirror on a daily basis -- usually while she's supposed to be supervising my shower. If the mirror is fogged up, she'll face me in the shower -- putting her back to the mirror.

4) What does she think is in the hall? Today Hubby and I let her into the hallway for a few minutes. We live at the end, in the equivalent of a hallway cul-de-sac... so Hubby could block a streak down the hall. She sniffed, looked and explored every corner. Our thinking was that if she sees there is nothing out there, she'll stop charging the door -- but, so far that hasn't seemed to be the case.

5) How did she get blue ink on her right front paw? It looks like she wrote on herself... Hubby says he didn't write on her -- and I know I didn't do it. Extra-toes can't hold a pen and nobody else has been here for a few days... So, how did she end up with blue ink on her white fur?

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