Thursday, July 03, 2008

and.. New Kitty enjoyed the box

Right now New Kitty is in the box my books came in yesterday.

It is in the sun.

She's happy.

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Bardiac said...

So, I'm a little slow catching up.

I love watching little kids play with the box their toy came in. Cats are just as good; it's like, oh, I get to test the insides!

I'm so glad you met the woman in the previous post. I get worried about cancers, because, like everyone, I know some folks who've died of cancer. But when I start thinking, I also know a ton of people who've lived a long while after treatment, especially for breast cancer. But it's only when I stop to think because I don't think of them first in terms of cancer, but in all the other ways we think of friends.

Thinking good thoughts for you, and reiterating my offer if there's something you need done by a near total stranger only a short drive away.

Best, B