Saturday, July 26, 2008

On amazing on-line friends and a good night's sleep!

Yesterday I got two really amazing things...

My good friend Styley sent me a box of Serenity from Lush! It arrived just in time for our trip to the Superior great lake. Today we have a quick trip to best buy for a card reader -- so anticipate a photo ala Jo(e) from the tub! I have to say, being friends with Styley has some distinct benefits!! I used a bath melt and I really didn't want to get out of the tub!

The other amazing thing I got yesterday was a "CPAP" machine. A sleep study showed that I have severe sleep apnea -- What that means is when I sleep, my airway closes, so I semi-wake up to start breathing again. Apparently in the sleep test I did this nearly 70 times in an hour.... they admit that number is probably higher than is the case at home, in my bed -- but, even if it is inflated by %50, it is still significant.

Last night was my first with the machine -- and, while the mask will take some getting used to, I'm willing to work out the kinks, because even after only about 4-5 hours sleeping with it last night, I feel great! The thing is, what the machine does is to condense air and force it into my airway so it won't close when I fall asleep... I try to breathe normally through my nose and go to sleep -- and the machine makes sure I don't have to wake up to open my airway again...

So -- in the last 24 hours I've had a very pampering gift from Styley, and some very refreshing sleep... what more can a girl ask for?


Bitty said...

Thank you so much for your review of the CPAP machine. I think you've inspired me to take action. Long story short, I had a sleep study done years ago that said I do not have sleep apnea, even though my doctor and I were quite certain I did. I sometimes semi-awake enough to know that I've done it...

I'm tired of being exhausted and I'm going to pursue this again.

Have a great trip, and enjoy that sleep!

timna said...

sleep is really good.
have a great vacation!

Ozma said...

I'm not really a regular reader of your blog but I was curious about the CPAP thing. I hope it is not presumptuous to ask you a question.

Can you say what it was that caused them to suspect sleep apnea in the first place?

I assume I don't have sleep apnea although my snoring could wake all of Texas because I am very rarely tired during the day and have normal BP and all that. But I truly wonder about my sister. I worry about her a lot and she has every possible symptom of sleep apnea. I'm just wondering how to help her. Her insurance sucks.

Did it cost a fortune to get tested?