Wednesday, July 23, 2008

oh yea....

... in the mail today....

A couple of floppy hats, in time for our vacation and the hairloss that will follow...

and -- an ambulance bill for $1500.00.

Folks, I don't live in the country. My trip to the hospital takes no more than 10 minutes by car. The first responders were here in 3 minutes flat -- so it isn't as if they have far to go.

$1500.00 is outrageous.

of course, my insurance will pay for it -- and that seems to be exactly WHY it is so high.

and... so far the bill as of the end of June was over $41,000. That doesn't cover my trip to the hospital for my port, my ER/hospital trip last weekend or most of the stuff necessary just to start chemo.

My insurance is being very good about paying stuff -- but, I can easily see why 80% of personal bankruptcies involve a significant hospital bill. Hubby and I make a good salary together and we'd never be able to pay that.

If losing one boob and doing preventative chemo is so expensive, I can't even imagine the bills some of the people in my chemo cohort are facing. We need a national healthcare system, and we need it yesterday!

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Bardiac said...

Your bill is probably also paying for the people who needed an ambulance ride and couldn't pay at all, no? Same with lots of other medical stuff, seems.

Sucks though. Seriously.

I hope you're doing well!