Friday, July 04, 2008

A purrrfect 4th...

We spent the day hanging around home... I was mostly under one cat or another, reading for fun and watching stupid stuff on TV.

About 8 PM I woke Hubby from a nap -- we got some KFC and went over to the park to wait for the fireworks.

When we got to the park, we found a perfect place -- up on a hill, under a tree. We ate, we giggled and we people watched.... boy did we people watch.

Our little suburb is full of hicks and dumb-asses with fireworks. Really folks, I need to claim to be from another suburb, because claiming to live in this one is just a bit embarrassing.

Finally, it was dusk -- an my little, hicky suburb did a really awesome show... It takes a lot to satisfy my appetite for fireworks, and this show actually did it.

In the end, we walked back to the car in the dark -- with the rest of the folks. Thank goodness they were either out of their own fireworks or too tired to shoot them off into the crowd.

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