Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thinking about kids...

Seeking Solace has me thinking about having kids....

She writes a very honest post about motherhood and her decision not to become a mother. As usual, she's quite thoughtful -- go read it...

... and, she has me thinking.

I wonder if we'll end up adopting a child or two who were orphaned by someone who didn't survive breast cancer.

Hubby and I have discussed adopting an older child (once we work in the same friggin area code). By that time, we could be pushing 45 -- which is pretty old to start adopting an infant.

Also, while I like other people's infants -- I have very little interest in having one of my own...they are kind of like very fashionable shoes to me, they are wonderful, beautiful, and belong in other people's homes (if not their closets).

But -- the idea of having children (as opposed to babies) is another story. See, children are interesting because they can talk and say fun stuff...

For example, just yesterday my cousin and her daughter (7) were at a cathedral in Prague... They saw a group in sweatshirts that said "BNState Chorus" --

My cousin said 'My cousin grew up there" -- and her precious and precocious daughter said, "Your cousins grew up in a chorus?" --

Yea -- I could have one of them ----

So -- that lead me to think that my child/children may have already been born --- I just haven't met them yet.

This may be a chemo thought -- but, really -- maybe not.

Otherwise, I'm feeling pretty good -- mom went out for Vietnamese food, and Hubby went to play poker. The cats are snoozing and all is well -- so far. Of course, with all the anti-nausea medicine they put in me, I should be feeling good!

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Seeking Solace said...

Thanks for the kind words!

I enjoy children at that age too. You can do so much with them.