Monday, July 28, 2008

RBO -- the vacation, pt 2

  • I have a new tie-dye t-shirt. We bought them from a vendor on the way up here... hubby and I look like a pair of hippie freaks on vacation... between the shirts and or mac laptops, it seems to be a complete picture.
  • Even after washing my hands, my fingers still smell of the smoked fish I had for lunch.
  • We went to the potter.
  • I now have a new water pitcher -- and a really cool container for my kitchen tools. I'd have loved to bring more things home -- but the stuff is expensive and I couldn't immediately articulate a use -- so they had to stay there.
  • I'd love to live where the potter lives -- it is out on a small island, in a protected corner of the Superior lake. The house is beautiful -- and surrounded by woods and flower gardens... really heavenly.
  • On our drive up to Canadia -- and back down to our hotel, we listened to a ton of 80s songs on XM. It was really fun -- because we've known one another since 1986 -- so some memories were joint, and others were before we met.
  • Today we've been pretty lazy -- a couple of short trips to the lake, a nap and now some quiet time until dinner. We're staying someplace that is on a cliff overlooking the lake, so when I look out the window all I see are a few pretty trees framing the amazing lake.
  • The internet here is better than the expensive place -- as is the bed and the service.
  • I'm getting more and more used to the CPAP breathing thing at night --- last night I got 5 hours of deep sleep, only interrupted when hubby touched me to see if I was still alive, because I was so quiet...
  • Learning to use the mask on the CPAP is very odd -- because you need to breathe in and out using only your nose (on this kind of mask). I have a kind of anxiety about lying in bed, in the dark, trying to fall asleep... really, it is the boredom I hate. At home I have a radio on a talk station, which helps. On vacation, my ipod with a podcast has been a suitable replacement -- despite the fact that it adds another set of wires and equipment to the bedtime ritual.
  • Hubby's seeing the dangers of me getting enough sleep... for years, when I called him a 'freak' or a 'weirdo', he'd respond with "who is the X -- the X or the person who married the X" -- the first few times he worried that I'd figure out the obvious logical flaws, 1) that he admitted to being the X and 2) that both parts of that statement can be true.... and 3) I can easily be an X, love an X without being one...
  • YEA chocolate...

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