Thursday, July 30, 2009

Yea... I wanted you to do better too...

Dang, why do I answer the phone in my office?

The only D in my logic course called today... twice.

D took my course before.

D wasn't prepared then, nor was s/he prepared this time.

D failed to do homework -- or even try.

D failed a crucial exam the first time around.

D couldn't make the crucial exam re-take.

D's story was that they needed to go to NYC exactly the only possible day I could give a re-take... because D's new school required hir to present themselves in person for these things.. Really? and -- it had to be during this class? In the days of the internet, faxes, e-mail and fed-ex -- does anything have to be done in person?

D didn't maximize extra-credit (for goodness sakes, they could get up to 5% total extra-credit...).

D didn't learn the first time in the class. D didn't learn the second time either -- and I really wonder if D learned anything from this class.

While I doubt D really HAD to be out of town that weekend, I wonder if D's D will prevent her transfer.. maybe s/he will learn better out east -- because D didn't get it this time around.

Sorry D... well, not really.

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