Friday, July 31, 2009

I now know who the most overworked faculty members are....

... at BNCC.

The winner of the title is in Rad-tech.

This person is SO busy they cannot bear the burden of one more "all faculty" e-mail about something relevant to teaching.

In this case, it was about the "teaching naked" idea floating around the internets.

I responded to the sender individually, noting that the context of 'teaching naked' wasn't really about teaching without technology, but rather not letting technology get in the way of interpersonal interactions.

I also recall reading that the author was discussing upper-division seminars with 12-15 students, not large courses with multiple sections and no TA... If anybody at BNCC is teaching like the "teaching naked" author, they'd better keep quiet about it!.

BNCC's overworked faculty person was SO busy, in fact, that s/he used 'reply to all' to voice this complaint....

To quote -- "Take me off of all faculty opinion emails. I have too many important emails to open and respond to.
If technology is so bad then why not these eliminate email exchanges! "

Brilliant, don't you think? How about learning to write -- oops, too busy with "important" emails to do that... hmmm.

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Psych Post Doc said...

lol, think she'll ever realize the typo.