Thursday, July 16, 2009

and sometimes staff isn't much better with details...

My Logic tutor is working with 5-7 students and having her own room with a board is very helpful.

Having a room scheduler who can actually read the room schedule would be helpful...

Last night at 6:00 -- my tutor found out that our very recent room reservation was put in an occupied room.

In response to my e-mail, the room scheduler than wants ME to tell her exactly what course is in there... as if I know. I already told her the course name... but it seems that wasn't enough.

So, I take 30 seconds to look in the on-line class schedule.

She could have done that. I did it from home, in my PJs --

It will be pretty amusing to see how long the scheduler tries to avoid giving us another room or accepting responsibility for making a mistake.

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