Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Liveblogging the morning... Dear:

  • Minion, you aren't helpful. I'm trying to work, your goal is to get more affection. Wasn't "snuggling" all night enough? go take a nap or chase a paperclip around the livingroom. love, mom cat
  • triple-spacing student. Umm... you think I won't notice the big font and the triple spacing? You'd notice if just a little bit of your pot had been poached by your buddy, because you use it every day. As a proffie, I look at double spaced stuff every day -- you didn't fool me. Your supposedly 5 page draft wasn't sufficient.
  • media -- please stop talking about MJ. thx bye
  • airhead student -- the premise of that essay question occupied about 30 mintues of classtime, and I'm pretty sure you were there. What were you doing, poaching pot from your triple-spacing buddy?
  • 'miss thing' -- I have the paper topic assignment procedure for a reason. If you wanted to write on topic X, why did you say you wanted to write on Y??? Do you lead the rest of your life this way?? If so, the good work you're doing may not turn out that way...
  • 'confused' -- you selected a topic, then you wrote a paper about three different topics. The sad bit is that you don't even realize it -- take a good look at the paper and don't even begin to wonder why your grade wasn't that great.
and-- one for the evening...
  • Negative Nancy: Really, if I hear "I don't get it" one more time... did you even TRY to do the homework -- or just have a little temper-tantrum in frustration? Please, God -- don't be going into anything related to medicine, I wouldn't want you to have a temper tantrum when you are supposed to be saving my life.
  • Russian: God love you -- and I finally understand you... you're trying. You may not make it, but you're getting in the swing of things. When you told me your current profession, it made so much sense -- I worked in a parallel field for years -- I knew you felt familiar. Now we can relate - you and I.

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