Sunday, July 05, 2009

A much better way to spend the summer...

Seeing "My Sister's Keeper" yesterday was a strong reminder of last summer -- and how things could have been much worse.

Really (knock on the biggest piece of wood around), I got off easy -- but, to say last summer was my worst summer ever would be about right.

By comparison --

Instead of spending a week or so in lumpectomy/mastectomy/hospital crap --- with Hubby and Mom tending me -- I spent the week with Mom playing, swimming and generally beaching it up.

In a couple of weeks, instead of starting chemo, I'll be on the way to NYC for a quick weekend with Hubby. I'm sure he and mom would rather be in NYC /Florida than in the ER with me... as that weekend is also the anniversary of 'weird seizure' /Sleep Apnea diagnosis. Yes, Hubby, I'll lug the CPAP to New York, don't worry.

It's good to plan not to sleep -- rather than have them actually not sleep because they're afraid I'll stop breathing again. Then again, if we aren't sleeping -- why bring the CPAP?? (JK honey, I just wrote that to hear your head explode... :).

Sometime in early August, I should get a haircut -- to commemorate the weekend my hair fell out. I might actually need one by then!

As it is, I'd much rather spend my summer this way -- a bit of travel, a lot of dissertation writing, teaching two classes and hanging out with the cats while Hubby is in New York state for his thing...

Oh good, there's the noon whistle (yea, my weird suburb still has one) -- soon the porch will be shady and cool -- so I can go back out there.

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~profgrrrrl~ said...

Noon whistle? I didn't know places had noon whistles!