Sunday, July 05, 2009

At loose ends....

I have plenty of work to do -- but, I'm having a hard time getting started on any of it.

The plan for today is more class prep -- if I can get the rest of the summer session prepped out, then all I have to do is press "start" and do the discussions... which will be handy, since I'll be out of town a lot in the next few weeks.

The trouble is that weekend radio and TV aren't all that good -- especially on a holiday weekend. I like to have some program to kind of keep me company, but NPR is repeats from yesterday... and my DVR is nearly empty --- since I've seen most of the older "Bones" episodes.... sigh.

I think I'll prep for a while, then maybe do lunch and nap --- then do the computer part of prep on the porch in the late afternoon, when I can see the screen (i.e. the porch isn't sunny!). I've been reading so much Donna Leon, (mysteries set in Venice) that I seem to be adopting their long-lunch work schedule... hmmm.


Unknown said...

Love the Donna Leon books! I'm rereading them this summer, before going to the library to get the latest two or three that I don't have.

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

I got a box of them from my family -- and figured out that some stories are duplicates -- under different titles. They printed a UK version and a US version --

Reading them makes me want to go to Venice -- if only for the food and so I can meet the supporting characters :).