Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sometimes teaching scares me...

... like, one student -- I'll call hir K---

K is actually a 'reverse transfer' student.. i.e. K is taking logic at BNCC because they need it for a four-year professional program at a neighboring university.

This profession requires sequential thinking and discipline.

K is not able to do simple proofs.

Worse, K seems to think hi CAN do them --

Also, K keeps trying to game the system to see how much hi can get away with -- i.e. how little work hi can do to pass the class.

The professional program results in professionals who are responsible for things like public safety. They are put in situations in which they need to exercise personal restraint -- discretion an precision in paperwork.

I have serious doubts that K will be able to do that... and, if K manages to pass my class, hi will be on the street...

of course, the good news is that I can probably use terrible arguments to get out of a ticket with K... I'll have to remember hir face....

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