Monday, July 20, 2009

Secret notes to some of the people I met...

To the LGA taxi guys -- and the front desk dude --
Thanks! You made my day and immediately contradicted the image of New Yorkers as unfriendly!

To the variety of 'fashion don'ts' --
While I'm sorry that I saw the gaps between your shirts and pants, I still say 'you go girl' -- don't let other people make you feel self-conscious. Wear that velor track suit, even if it doesn't flatter you. It's ok to wear a mini-dress if you feel good about it. My only bit of advice is that getting in and out of cabs is it's own kind of athletic event and, if you want to look good, you do need to consider how your clothes fit.

To the pushy bitch at the Statue of Liberty --
Don't poke me. I could see that I was next in line... go home and stop being mean.

To the blackberry guy at the restaurant --
Dude, she stood you up because you spend too much time on that thing. You're also a bit too concerned about how you look. Next time, try paying attention to her for a change...

To the guy on the plane --
I really hope things go well for you at Mayo. I didn't ask why you're going down there, because I'm from BN state and we don't generally pry like that. You seem like a really cool guy with a happy family and a solid set of values. I hope that you made it to Mayo safe and sound, that they figure out what's going on and help you out. It's folks like you that make the world go 'round. Good luck!

To the parking-lot-van driver --
You really did treat me like a queen -- and the ride back to my car was fun. I'd love to have you as a student -- you're thinking and applying theory to the world. I know you're probably happy driving that van, because you'd be happy doing whatever you do -- but, I think the world would be better knowing more of you.

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