Thursday, July 09, 2009

The differences between me and my students...

I work my backside off before the class and during the week...

So far nobody has had to wait more than about 24 hours for a grade.

So far, I've spent more time and attention on their drafts than they have.

BUT -- this weekend, things are changing.

Today Bioethics students are doing their midterm, and figuring out they should have looked at the questions and asked me about them when they had the chance... mwhhahahah.

Bioethics students are doing revisions -- and they ALL have a lot to do.

Logic students have figured out that they should have been doing more homework and that their exam on Monday is going to be tough.

This weekend I'm going to the woods with a girlfriend --- one who gets it, as she also teaches at BNCC.

Next week I'll have a pile of logic exams to grade, the Biomedical ethics exams to grade AND a pile of papers to grade -- but, all that will be done by Thursday, 'cuz I'm going to THE CITY a week from tomorrow.

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