Friday, July 24, 2009

I'm gonna miss my tutor...

I'm lucky to have a fantastic logic tutor this summer --- I'll have her in the fall as well. Right now the spring is in question.... although, I hope she'll do the Spring as well because that will give me time to find my next tutor.

For the last couple of weeks she's been tutoring a group of students who couldn't pass the first proof exam. I got her a room and she's working with them so they can do the problems and get a C in the class.

She's much more patient than I am. She's willing to sit with them until they figure it out -- while I'm much to quick to tell them which move to make. She's also inventive about doing problems -- last week I saw her involving the whole group in completing one proof. They were taking turns writing the next line.

I had no idea she's be this good when I asked her to tutor... but, I'm glad she accepted the invitation/challenge :).

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