Wednesday, July 15, 2009

They're here for a reason...

.. that's my mantra.

Sometimes they make their own reasons.

A is a student taking logic for the second time. The first time around was a bust -- A couldn't make it to class, wasn't prepared when they were in class and generally was interested in other stuff.

So far, A's had a good attendance record, but clearly hasn't been prepared. I think A is trying to do the course without putting in any time outside of class. That may work for other disciplines, and for other philosophy courses, but logic doesn't work that way.

So -- as predicted, A failed the most recent exam. A knew this exam was a lost cause and started to pester me about a make-up time--- it seems that the time I have isn't convenient.

I pretty much told A, 'tough sh*t' -- and outright asked her if she thought the third time she asked about other times was going to be any different? It isn't my fault that she couldn't pass it when I gave it in class -- and I'm sure as hell not going out of my way for someone who couldn't be bothered to learn it OR make it to the make-up time I so generously scheduled.

Turns out -- A has plans to be out of town early next week... and, clearly wasn't planning to come to class. hmmmm--- sometimes folks don't learn.

Also -- turns out that A took off over break to go to Sam's club... (i.e. out to inconvenient parking situation, down the highway, buy stuff at Sam's and come back)... like the tutor wouldn't notice her 30 minute break.

no -- darlin' I don't think you're going to pass this time around either.

Maybe you should take it from someone else--- oh, no --- that wouldn't be a good idea -- as I'm probably the most lenient (I prefer 'flexible') one teaching it... With anybody else you'd have to really change your ways... oh, wait -- you should do that for me too.

Two weeks from today, the whole shebang will be OVER -- and I'll be a happy, happy girl.

between now and then, I think I'll bitch about my students for a bit -- I hope you don't mind.

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Seeking Solace said...

Nah. I miss bitching about students. So, I hope you don't mind if I live vicariously through you. :)