Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm not sure why I'm still thinking about this...

...whole A thing.

I suppose it was the audacity of demanding an alternative time to take the exam.

I wonder if, while trying to be open and approachable, I've given the wrong impression? Did A think that she could somehow demand an alternative time and I'd give it to her?

I suppose it's the combination of A's audacity and F's demand (of my tutor) that s/he be allowed to re-take the exam last night.

F's exam on Monday night was horrific. When your grade is about 15% on Monday, why would you think that taking an exam on the same material Wednesday is going to be any different? I know F didn't magically learn all the material over the 48 hours since the last exam... I wonder if F thinks I'm planning to give exactly the same problems?

On the other hand -- Negative Nancy from a few posts back, got a pretty darned good grade on the exam -- surprising herself...

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