Saturday, July 04, 2009

Bills I'm happy to pay...

Dish TV -- better service, better equipment, we control the equipment and -- for the next 6 months, MUCH less than we've been paying for Direct TV... plus, when I had a problem with their stuff this morning (yes -- July 4 at 7 AM) -- I got someone who was both able to communicate with me and who was efficient at fixing the problem.

The radiologist who read my 'normal' mammogram -- $6.36 to be told my remaining boob was cancer free--- really, priceless -- but, better for under $7.00.

The cancer clinic for my checkup -- which is only necessary when I'm NOT on chemo. $27.00 to see my oncologist... not bad.

Various vendors at the Farmer's Market --$24.00 for a heavy bag full of veggies, bread and hummus...

and -- although hubby paid this one --- the cost of his new glasses. Although he needed them, the best part was that a student I had last fall (when I was bald) - -didn't recognize me with my hair!!!

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