Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Getting excited about weather / nature...

It's funny what folks get worked up about, weather / nature wise.

In BNstate the weather has to have potential to kill you before we get too wound up about it. A bad snowstorm could result in auto fatalities, sub-zero weather means you could freeze to death and tornadoes can kill you -- so, they get excited about that on the weather.

In Red State they never got too worked up about ice storms -- they might happen to mention that there's an inch of ice on everything during the morning weather.... which was pretty irritating, as I was late to work a few times because I couldn't chip my car out fast enough!! They should have been more excited about ice storms, IMHO.

Hubby and I both recently noticed that folks in New York get excited (i.e. worried) about thunderstorms. They want to forgo going out because of a thunderstorm, they track them incessantly on the news (I saw this myself -- and found it funny, as there wasn't even the threat of hail... and it wasn't coming anyplace close to the NYC metro area) and generally get concerned about them.

The guy on the plane home asked about the frequency of thunderstorms in BNstate -- I told him they happen, but we don't get worked up unless there's a tornado involved. He gave me a weird look and changed the subject to snowstorms...

Folks in Florida seem to be pretty complacent about living with alligators and other things that can eat you. Really, they should get more excited about those things...

So -- what's weird about your area -- nature/weather wise?

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