Monday, December 17, 2007

One long day... and then fun, fun, fun

Today is going to be one long-ass day.

I'm about to hit the shower and head to work.

12 hours from now I'll be collecting the chronically late papers from my beloved night class.

When I get home, I'll pack for Vegas. I planned to do that yesterday, but we got a visit from D1 and the Enforcer, which was totally worth not getting my shit done -- even though the Enforcer and Hubby beat D1 and I at Trivial Pursuit (just barely beat us --- with a good/lucky run of questions right at the end...).

Between now and then, I'll do all the regular wrapping stuff up tasks we all do at the end of the semester.

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undine said...

What happens in Vegas. . . .oh, never mind. Have a good trip.