Friday, December 07, 2007

Notes from grading jail.... pt. 2

The air in grading jail is pretty rank.... y'all really ought to save the wacky-tobaccy for AFTER the grades are in... or, maybe not... hmmm

Notes to my students:
  • Miss thing, with a final quiz like that, what makes you think **I** wrote that shit down wrong in your notebook? Trying to challenge me on an old quiz in an attempt to grub points just won't fly -- especially since a) you are in the good class... the one that is awake, I KNOW they'd catch my mistake on the board and b) since they didn't say anything, you'd think they'd make the same bone-head mistake on that old quiz..... Hint, just from me to you -- COME TO CLASS SOBER YOU LITTLE SNOT.
  • To my morning class in general -- did I tell you to relax after Thanksgiving? 'cuz that is what you did. Many of you had a chance to avoid the final. Now, you've f-ed up your quizzes so bad that I'll see you there. I'm going to pick some hard-ass problems just because you pissed me off all semester with your lack-luster performance and complete inability to get to class on time. Yesterday was the first f-ing day you even had close to an excuse for being so dammed late--- the rest of the days you were just to lazy or self-absorbed to get your ass out of bed. You'd better pick it up or you'll be taking it next semester too... and, by the way, we are using custom texts next semester, so you can't even sell your book back and you can't use it for next semester (or, at least you aren't smart enough to figure out how to use it)..... so there.
  • Also, if you are going to cheat on a logic quiz, sit next to someone who can actually DO the problems -- because the right answers are nearly identical but the wrong ones are unique. I can't catch you if the answer is right... but when it is wrong, it is soooo obvious... I'll be seeing you after class on Tuesday.

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Seeking Solace said...

It would make senese that if you are going to cheat that yuo would sit next to someone who knows what they are doing!