Wednesday, December 05, 2007

On the Omaha shooting....

They are saying some kind of stupid stuff... as they go, I'll make some commentary..

  • Some news guy reported that the guy in the green camouflage jacket "stuck out like a sore thumb" -- um, no. Not in Omaha at the tail-end of hunting season and with lots of former military and military wannabes running around the state. That is as stupid as saying that the pick-up truck in the mall parking lot was unusual... umm, no.
  • Also, FYI, the mall is one of the two nice malls large. It is about 5 minutes from Warren Buffet's house. It is right across the road from the Omaha Borsheims, the only Whole Foods and a swanky small mall. It is where they built the only Cheesecake Factory and PF Chang's in the state. This wasn't some inner-city or run-down mall.
  • and... yes, the people on the news coverage all look more or less alike.. they look like Nebraskans... people who are proud to be good football fans, who don't like spicy foods and who think that little puddles should be called 'lakes'.
  • In fact, the news reporters are all reporting from the same parking lot where I looked into the back of a pick-up truck last fall and saw a dead possum.
  • The exact number of suspects is unclear, but Hubby says that local reports are that at least one of them is a 19 year-old from a southern suburb. He left a note about 'going out in style' -- sad, sad, sad.
  • To the CNN dude, get the name of the mall and store right. Of course it is, "hard for Omaha" -- duh, dumb ass.
I'm not sure why it seems so strange to be in BN state while this is going on... I suppose it's because I do think of Nebraska as a second home. I lived there for a long time and I've been spending decent amounts of time there over the past 3 semesters. In a strange way, I'm really looking forward to being there tomorrow night, snow and all. Although I'll always be 'from' BN state, Omaha is also home.

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