Saturday, December 01, 2007

Hey, people upstairs....

Really, what are you doing up there? I have my theories...
  • Does your pretty severe case of ADD force you to keep moving the furniture, because you can't decide where it should go?
  • Are you training for a logging competition -- in the event that requires you to push a huge chunk of wood across a carpeted floor?
  • Are you applying for a job with a moving company, so you are working on being able to move all of your livingroom furniture on your own?
  • Does your OCD require you to clean behind the fridge and stove every 45 minutes?
  • Do you have a really big cat who is unhappy with the location of your recliner?
Whatever the reason, I won't complain because I'm pretty sure you can hear Old Kitty every time he freaks out... really, I'm just curious.

1 comment:

Coffee-Drinking Woman said...

Maybe they have a mischieveous house elf or a boggle or something?