Sunday, December 09, 2007

and... a dash home between snows...

Hubby is now hooked on "Weeds"... sadly, he'll have to wait until he gets home to watch the rest of them... I hope the new season is released soon!

I've now had my legs waxed for Vegas-- Red State has some excellent salons, and one of my favorites is open on Sunday, YEA!

I'll grade for a bit and then go out for Indian food -- my very favorite! What we don't eat, I'm going to pack to take home tomorrow, as Hubby won't eat it and having it go to waste would be a shame!


Coffee-Drinking Woman said...

I love Indian food too.

I'm always surprised to find salons open on Sunday, though why I don't know. All of the good ones around here are, which means the crummy ones are too - still, it surprises me.

Pilgrim/Heretic said...

Ooh, have you been to Ahmad's in the Old Market? More Persian than Indian, but one of my favorite places ever.

(Sorry, didn't mean for that to sound like advertising; I used to spend summers in Biggest Red State City and that's one of my favorite hangouts.)