Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas so far....

Last night was the in-laws -- lots of fun, including hearing my brother-in-law say "my bottle collection is classy" -- which made the rest of us laugh until we cried. I'm really lucky they all have the same sense of humor I do, because keeping that laughter in until we got in the car would have KILLED me.

Today we'll hang out at home... I'm watching 'The Christmas Story" on TBS (it is on continuously until 8 PM.... so watch part of it)... I'm TIVOing the station playing the burning of the yule log -- so, when the movie is over, we can have a fire :).

I made waffles for breakfast and we'll make a mac and cheese recipe from the Gordon Ramsey cookbook for dinner... in between, we'll relax, read books and generally hang out in our PJs.

I hope everyone is having as relaxed a Christmas as we are!!

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