Saturday, December 29, 2007

Charlie Wilson's War...

So, we couldn't see "The Great Debaters" -- as it was sold out. Turns out they don't hold any tickets for actual debaters - so we were out of luck. We'll go next week when everyone else has to go back to work :).

Instead we went to see "Charlie Wilson's War" --- it was really good. I'd describe it both as compelling and as funny as a movie about a covert war can be. If you are interested in a true, political story -- see it.

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Pilgrim/Heretic said...

We saw this the other day and I loved it (except that it always depresses and frustrates me that, as the end of the movie hints at, we were successful in helping the Afghans fight the Russians, but then walked away and left them hanging... which created the context in which the Taliban rose to power.

But the movie was awesome... Philip Seymour Hoffman just blows me away. :)