Sunday, December 30, 2007

On having my whole break....

One of the things about coaching debate is that it tended to suck up a lot of my free time. The first couple of years (three maybe??) debate wasn't part of my course load or anything -- it was just service for which I got no release time... The year before it became part of my teaching load, I did get paid extra -- but for the first couple of years I didn't even get that....

So, as a result -- on top of my 5/5 load, I'd do debate practices, make travel arrangements etc... It got to be very time consuming. We'd also do practices during break, and spring break was always about the same time as nationals... so we'd do a lot.

The last two years I coached, I traveled with the team during winter break. Two years ago we went to a tournament in CA that started January 2. Last year we went to a tournament in Denver that started the Thursday before school started --

So, this year I'm really, really, really, really enjoying not traveling for debate over winter break.

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