Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The best thing ever!!!!

Really, if you have a puky pet, an old pet or messy kids, and carpet -- they often don't go together. We have that kind of grey/tan carpet common to apartments. It is pretty new... so the pressure is on :).

After this weekend, I realized that I'll probably come home to the results of a nervous cat stomach every weekend -- thus, I realized the spot bot was a necessary piece of equipment, right up there with the automatic litter box.

The spot bot cleans a spot the size of a small dinner plate -- and all you do is to set it up and push the button. It puts solution in, it sucks and brushes and whirrs, working its magic on spots.

The surface stain setting worked well on the cat food colored spots Extra-toes left over the weekend. By the time I got home on Monday, they were dry... and looked like a bad modern art installation. It takes about 3 minutes to complete.

The deep stain setting worked on a couple of stains I couldn't get out with my previous methods. The deep stain setting takes about 6 minutes.

Sometimes it is hard to see the final results until the carpet is dry -- and by the end of the chain of spots, I went back and did a couple of the most intense spots a second time. I'm sure they are taken care of now.

The water canister is good for several places and it is very easy to fill. The machine plugs in, so it has plenty of power and you don't have to stop mid-clean to charge the thing up. It is also nice that it is always ready... so you can get to the stains quickly.

I probably spent two hours doing a pretty long and icky chain of spots -- So, if the stains are many or large, it isn't fast -- but, considering all you have to do is hit couple of buttons and move the thing to the next section, it isn't bad at all.

The only downside is that New Kitty is very wary of it, so we'll have to avoid picking her up while it is running if we want to avoid fatal scratches.

Overall, a big yea for the spot bot pet --


Seeking Solace said...

Maybe I should consider one. Doggie puke is much worse than kitty puke.

Kate said...

One of my cats is a real puker. I am very tempted by the spot bot...

Bardiac said...

Wow, sounds like a great invention!

I used a traditional carpet cleaner thing, but then, I had a big dog with a ten gallon bladder and aging problems...

JustLilia said...

The Spot Bot is A-Mazing! We got one for our wedding, and it has come in handy way more times than we ever imagined it would. You are going to love that thing!