Sunday, November 30, 2008

Grading woes...

I wish we had a central database of paper topics used by students. Is it coincidence that I have 6 of 11 total papers on the same topic -- the Death Penalty? I suspect not -- I suspect that many of these folks wrote about the topic elsewhere and are recycling...

While recycling sources isn't a bad idea, I don't like the idea that they are double-dipping in terms of earning credit.

I think what they are doing is distinct from the way I'm splitting up my Advancement to Candidacy paper for use in my dissertation. I'm only getting one "credit" with that work.. .i.e. the degree. I'm also not supposed to change topics from the Advancement paper to the dissertation, so -- if I have a good take on the material, why start from scratch in the dissertation -- especially when my Adviser and most of my committee have already passed on the old version?

At any rate, here I go -- the last 11 papers until finals week... Which is a good thing, because I have some of my own writing to do soon... which will be a nice change from reading their stuff.

I wonder how many students will get to see my new handout on citations?? I staple one to every paper with inadequate citations, just so they can see how much their citation method sucks.

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