Sunday, November 02, 2008

RBO a Good deal Sunday...

We've had a fruitful day so far...

  • Brunch at a traditional Mexican restaurant -- it was a buffet with enchaladas etc... two of us, $24. This place is in a second-generation Mexican neighborhood, so there were lots of families and fun -- Mom and I were among only a few caucasion folks there. For those of you who don't know -- traditional Mexican food is very nicely spiced, but not necessarily hot, so it didn't bother the remanents of my chemo mouth.
  • A trip to Target with my hands in my pockets, so I'd just buy the laundry detergent I really needed -- $16.00.
  • A trip to the fabric store for the stuff we'll need for a project today -- $10.00.
  • A FULL tank of gas -- $21.00 -- it was $2.08/gallon!!
  • A trip to the used bookstore, which was the best deal -- I took in a box of books Hubby wanted me to take the the Goodwill... got $49.00 in store credit -- took out $51.00 worth of books and left them a whole $2.00. I'm going to keep doing that -- mostly because it will serve to reduce the total number of books around -- while still giving me something to read. What the used bookstore rejects will still go to the Goodwill... but, if I can get some new books for the old ones, why not?
Now, I think I'll try to take a nap -- or, at least let Mom nap while I watch some Mad Men....

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